People are theorising the world will end during a huge solar eclipse in 2017

On August 21, 2017, when a total solar eclipse plunges the United States into darkness, and western Europe experiences a partial eclipse, the world will end.

Or at least that's what a group of Christians have theorised using scripture and some questionable calculations.

"I, along with many Watchers, was hoping expectantly for the Blessed Hope this Fall 2015, but the Fall Feasts are over and barring an unexpected rapture, it appears as though God has other plans. We must endure patiently until He comes!" the post starts, the author's excitement about the end of the world barely contained.

A total solar eclipse is seen in Belitung, Indonesia

The theory, and the website does state that this is just a theory, suggests that the end times truly began with the creation of Israel in 1947, with the state's 70th anniversary next year proving significant as 70 years passing represents one biblical generation.

Amid a huge amount of calculations relating to past theories, and spring and fall feasts, theorisers also point to verses from Revelations describing a pregnant woman clothed in the sun, with the moon at her feet, who will be hunted by a Satanic seven-headed dragon trying to eat her unborn child.

They also point to a 12th-century Rabbi who predicted the end times beginning in 2017. Taking all of the above into account, the group say the apocalypse will start next year and end in 2024. It's all very confusing but, in the event the world does end, don't forget where you heard it first. Not that it will matter.

A super moon pasts behind a statue of the Virgin Mary
(Claude Paris/AP)

While even the authors of this theory question how correct it may be, stating that even Jesus himself doesn't know when the apocalypse will come, the eclipse is definitely happening.

It will be the first time in a century an eclipse has stretched across each coast of America, with a partial eclipse also visible in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while England will only witness some of the eclipse and most of the rest of Europe won't see anything.

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