7 things we learned from Bjork's Reddit AMA


This afternoon Bjork hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. This marked the opening of the new exhibition Bjork: Digital, an immersive virtual reality show at Somerset House around her work, style and music.

Here are the top seven things we learned from inside the mind of everyone's favourite Icelandic singer.

1. In Iceland she's largely left alone.

She credits this to the fact that "in iceland we have not much hierarchy and noone is more important than the next one therefore autographs kinda silly . here it is matter of self respect , if u want an autograph make one yourself lol."

She sees it as a win-win situation: her fans in Iceland know she can write more songs if they leave her to be with her friends and family.

2. Creativity is hard to pin down.

Considering how talented a lyricist she is, Bjork's evocative description of the nature of creativity comes as no surprise: "i think creativity always lives somewhere in everyone but its nature is quite pranksterish and slippery and everytime u grab its tail its found a nu corner to thrive in" she said.

Bjork on stage.
(Yui Mok/PA)

3. She's a private investigator.

No, this isn't some kind of crazy job Bjork moonlights as. Instead, she describes herself as a private investigator for each album, to work out what character she wants to be.

"each character always has colours , elements , symbolism , moods and an emotional journey they go through . the older i get i feel i am better with connecting it all things archetypal and therefore hopefully more universal and relatable," she said.

4. She credits her background to her creative nature.

When asked whether she ever felt pressure to conform in the industry, Bjork replied: "i prob was lucky because as a teenager in reykjavik nothing was going on . so we kinda had to make it up ourselves and release it ourselves . so when i have been introduced to restricting claustrophobic routes ive kinda just ignored them . because knew they werent true."

Bjork at Glastonbury.
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

5. She loves RuPaul's Drag Race.

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For those not in the know, this is the drag queen version of America's Next Top Model, and it turns out Bjork not only is a fan but also saw when contestant Katya did an impression of her. She said "she nailed the feminist activist tribal volta sincerest form of flattery etc".

This even found its way back to Katya.

6. She believes in the afterlife.

When asked "Do you believe in an afterlife? Also, can you cook?" Bjork won life by simply replying: "yes and i will cook there".

7. She's basically the most adorable thing to hit Reddit since a monkey eating a hot bowl of soup.

In answer to one Reddit user's complex question, Bjork said: "what an interesting question !! ( ha ha ha ha always say that when its beyond me and i actually dont know how to answer it ha ha ha)". We've all been there.

Confirming why we all want to be her best friend, Bjork left the AMA with the words: "thanks and gratitude for the chat !!! curious whats going on out there !! have a lush one !! warmth , bjork".