10 awesome things Melania Trump can buy if she wins $150,000 in damages

Melania Trump has filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail and a Maryland blogger, saying the two published false statements about her.

Paperwork about the case says the Daily Mail Online published an article referring to her "very racy past".

Melania and Donald Trump.
(Richard Drew/AP)

Although The Mail has printed a retraction, she is seeking $75,000 each from both publishers.

It's not as if the Trumps are short on money, but when you get an unexpected windfall, why not splurge on something fun?

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Here's what we think she should buy.

1. 15,000 martinis at the bar in Trump Tower, New York.

Trump Tower.
(Frank Franklin II/AP)

What better way to celebrate her success than in Trump Tower with a ridiculous amount of cocktails?

2. 700 grilled cheese sandwiches.

The "Quintessential Grilled Cheese" is so much more than a toastie: it's the world's most expensive sandwich. If you find yourself in New York and are craving an over-the-top grilled cheese, head to restaurant Serendipity 3 and one can be yours for $214.

3. 3,922 Trump dolls.

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Why have just one action figure of Donald Trump, when Melania could get 3,922?

4. A Tiffany necklace.

Tiffany and Co.
(Paul Sakuma/AP)

Because diamonds are a girl's best friend, and boy does this necklace have a lotta diamonds.

5. A trip to space.

Space tourism company XCOR is selling tickets for a space trip for a cool $150,000. And who knows, it might be a good place for Melania to take a break if Trump-mania gets a bit overwhelming.

6. Clone her dog.

(Battersea Dogs and Cats Home/PA)

In 2009 a Florida couple spent $150,000 cloning their dog, and perhaps Melania could do the same if there was a beloved pooch she just couldn't live without?

7. A black Lamborghini.

For the bargain price of $144,444 this sportscar could be Melania's. Because nothing screams wealth like a Lamborghini, right?

8. 66 nights in the Trump Hotel in Panama City.

If Melania really wanted some time to herself to relax and unwind, 66 days in the Presidential Suite should do it. It even boasts "partial views of the ocean", according to its website. And there's nothing like a good partial view.

9. Book Pharrell for a private show.

(Anthony Harvey/PA)

Business Insider has previously reported that Pharrell could be hired for a private performance for a minimum of $150,000. If Melania was a fan of his hit Happy or any of the NERD songs, what better way to enjoy the music than having Pharrell perform them for her in person?

10. 21,520 boxes of blonde hair dye.

After receiving the settlement, Melania could pop down to Walmart and pick up some boxes of blonde hair dye in case Donald ever needs a touch-up. We've chosen "Light Golden Blonde" to keep his infamous hairstyle intact.

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