Selasi's army of admirers is growing by the minute on The Great British Bake Off


Motorbike-riding banker Selasi did a great job winning everyone over in the first week with his nonchalant attitude to baking and tea-towel-round-the-shoulders slinging technique.

But he revved it up in week two of the Great British Bake Off when he kicked off with chilli and lime motorbike iced biscuits.

He elicited some quite spicy responses from viewers at home.

And when it came to the technical challenge of Viennese Whirls, he brought it on himself.

His relaxed character drew admiration...

... and jealousy.

Unfortunately he did come last in the technical, with some flat and pale whirls.

Bad whirls, Selasi, but we'll forgive you (BBC)
Bad whirls, Selasi, but we'll forgive you (BBC)

If it all goes wrong in the tent, Selasi always has an alternative career providing comfort to stressed Londoners.

Or just uniting Britain again.