Dizzee Rascal is finally performing Boy In Da Corner in London


Dizzee Rascal is to perform his debut album in full at a secret London show later this year.

The MC travelled to New York with Red Bull to perform Boy In Da Corner in its entirety earlier this year, something he's never done in England before, with fans hoping he'd return home and do the same thing.

Now Red Bull Music Academy has confirmed October 21 is the date we've all been waiting for.

Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner album
(XL Recordings/PA)

The Mercury Prize-winning album, still considered as possibly the only classic grime album by some of the scene's greats, is famed for recreating sonically the angst felt by London's youth in the early 2000s and into today.

For many it was an introduction to grime and, despite being released 13 years ago when the east London MC was 18, is still a hot topic in interviews for Dizzee and others today.

The show's venue is a secret for now but tickets go on sale here in the week of September 5. It's definitely not one to miss.