People are losing it over this dolls' house on Antiques Roadshow


We've got a lot of love in our hearts for every grandma's favourite TV programme, Antiques Roadshow, but we can't say that we expected such a huge reaction to the first episode of the new series.

So what was the antique in question that provoked such uproar? An incredibly valuable dolls' house dating from 1705.

Fergus Gambon
Fergus Gambon (BBC)

For presenter Fergus Gambon (son of Sir Michael), it was the find of his career, and a particularly special one at that. "I have a passion for early dolls' houses", he says.

Some people were astounded by the history and value of the dolls' house.

Others were less concerned with the history of the antique, as they were too busy being outraged that a dolls' house could be valued at £150,000 to £200,000.

Some viewers were creeped out by the admittedly spooky looking dolls.


Others were preoccupied by the curse attached to the dolls' house.

While some were wondering if this meant that their dolls' houses would fetch nearly as much money. Somehow we doubt it.

Some viewers were intrigued by Gambon's special interest in dolls' houses.

Who knew that a dolls' house on Antiques Roadshow would provoke such a reaction? If the rest of the series is going to be like this, sign us up. Anyway, tonight's episode was worth it purely for the look of sheer joy on Gambon's face.