John Thomson in tears over first Cold Feet episode


John Thomson has told how almost a decade of sobriety has been rewarded with a "huge" storyline in the Cold Feet reboot.

The actor, who battled alcohol problems in the past, is reprising the role of Pete Gifford in a new series of the drama, which is returning to television 13 years after it ended in 2003.

And he said his character will go through some tough times.

John Thomson will play Sergeant Cuff in the famous mystery novel (Matt Crossick/PA)
John Thomson (Matt Crossick/PA)

"Pete's storyline is huge," he said. "Because I'm sober - 10 years this Christmas - I think they knew I was no maintenance. Not low. No.

"When they realised that they made sure I had something meaty to try and deal with to see if I could handle it. And I have."

John, 47, said filming emotional scenes was difficult.

"There is, of course, light and shade in Cold Feet but a little more shade for Pete this time which was tough to play," he said.

"There were days when I'd go home and I would be just washed out because of the emotion and the scenes, some of the stuff I had to do. I found it quite hard."

He said he drew on some of his own life experiences as he filmed the upcoming series - and was moved to tears when he watched the first episode.

Cold Feet cast
(Neil Marland/ITV Studios)

"With the ups and downs of my life there was a lot I could draw on. It was useful," he said.

"The Americans don't admit they have off days. That's why they're all in therapy. It was good. But it's nice for me because my pedigree is comedy and it's expected of me.

"I think it's a very personal storyline to the writer Mike Bullen. He's delighted with what I've done, which is great."

He went on: "There was huge amount of pressure on us to deliver in so many different packages.

"When I saw that first episode on screen I thought it was excellent and it did make me cry. Because of the emotion of the show. It was so well acted by everyone it got me a couple of times."

Cold Feet will return to ITV on September 5.