The Chronicles Of Nadiya verdict: people are beyond happy that she is back on telly


The winner of last year's The Great British Bake Off is back on TV with her own programme, and fans are seriously thrilled to see her again.

Nadiya Hussain's travelling cookery show, cleverly called The Chronicles Of Nadiya, aired on BBC One right after the first episode of the new series of Bake Off.

She was seriously excited about it as she shared a snap of herself with her large family snuggled in at home to watch it.

The show follows the baker and mother-of-three as she travels to Bangladesh to explore her culinary roots.

It sees Nadiya cook dishes from her childhood, share favourite meals with family and friends, learn new recipes and explore the changes in food in the country in the decade since she last visited for her wedding.

Nadiya & Jamir Ali (Nadiya's Father)  (BBC/LoveProductions)
Nadiya & Jamir Ali (Nadiya's Father) (BBC/LoveProductions)

Fans took to Twitter during the broadcast, happy to see her back with an endless amount of messages praising her general awesomeness.

People love the name of the TV show too...

But mostly they just ADORE her...

Umm, Nadiya we think you may have super fans...