Michelle Keegan keeps dignified silence after Danny Dyer's fiancee kicks off over V Festival clash


After Danny Dyer and Mark Wright's Twitter war of words over their V Festival clash, it was their partners' chance to have their say.

Danny was involved in a fight with the reality star's friends at the Chelmsford festival last weekend in front of his eldest daughter Dani, who was also caught up in the drama.

Danny with fiancee Jo and daughter Dani (Jonathan Brady/PA)
Danny with fiancee Jo and daughter Dani (Jonathan Brady/PA)

After Mark's wife Michelle Keegan sent a tweet promoting her new BBC One show Our Girl, Danny's fiancee Joanne Mas responded with a scathing attack on the actress accusing her of "staging" her tweet to take advantage of the controversy.

Joanne wrote, "It's official. I'm going to be promoting MY GIRL and the s*** she witnessed #yourtoof******staged."

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan (Ian West/PA)
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan (Ian West/PA)

Jo had previously made an open threat to anyone who would hurt daughter Dani, 20, after she came under fire for allegedly sparking the attack on her father.

When one of Jo's followers pointed out that Michelle had done nothing wrong, Jo agreed that she wasn't at the festival but said it was unfair her daughter was being criticised.

Michelle, 29, has chosen not to rise to 38-year-old Jo's tweet, instead keeping a dignified silence.

The EastEnders actor's daughter Dani admitted on Twitter that she had egged Mark's friends on by calling the former TOWIE star a swear word but said they started the fight by "barging" past her drunk dad.

When Mark tweeted that he was not involved in the fight, Danny hit back and said one of his pals had "squared up" to Dani.

Danny said no daughter should have to witness their father being kicked in the head.