Here is everything we learnt about The Grand Tour from the new footage


Jeremy Clarkson's new car show The Grand Tour will feature co-host James May driving with a broken arm, Clarkson driving in a flak jacket and goggles while May shoots at him and Richard Hammond waking up to find the car he is in has been air-lifted, new footage shows.

The show's executive producer Andy Wilman revealed new content from the show's films at the Edinburgh TV Festival but emphasised: "This is not a trailer but I put something together to show we have been busy. We have been going around the world with big ambition in the films."

Of hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May, he said; "Like them or loathe them, they are still doing their thing."

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond in Top Gear
Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond in Top Gear (Ellis O'Brien/BBC)

May can be seen with his arm in a sling and Wilman revealed: "He fell over the night before filming, coming out of a pub.

"He rang me up and said 'I've broken my arm'. His car was automatic so we stuck him on Eurostar, pumped him full of drugs and left him to it.

"He did more damage to it because he had to keep on going but he's falling to bits anyway. We are not in Usain Bolt territory with that body."

Footage also shows the trio racing Maseratis, a Rolls-Royce and a Porsche, as well as Clarkson on a jetski.

In a scene that drew big laughs, Hammond woke up in the front seat of a car to find himself flying and yelled: "What the f**k? You bastards!"

Wilman also revealed a look at the travelling tent the show takes place in, which is a huge black marquee with the show's logo on the side.

Inside, the audience sits round a small stage, with the hosts seated at a table.

He said the tent was Clarkson's idea and he pitched it to Amazon against Wilman's wishes.

Wilman said: "He saw True Detective where there is a baptist meeting in a tent. He's unemployed, he watches a lot of box sets. He said'We will move it around, we will be rootless'."

He said the logistics of filming in a tent that travels around the world "do his f**king head in" saying: "You have to get 300 people in it, you have to stabilise the floor, it's made of special material if it rains. But we do like the look of it, it's the Grand Tour age of travel, it's steamship-ish. It looks better than us, it's quite classy."

"It can go up in two to three days. We thought we would have to leapfrog each other like big bands have two sets."

On details of the show, he said: "There is a leaderboard but we can't have hand-written stuff. We sort of do the news but can't call it news. There is talking and people sit down and get up and we race cars but tea break has changed."

He also revealed that the second episode of the series was shot first and 90% of the films have been shot, leaving them free to concentrate on the studio tour element."

He confirmed the deal with Amazon has committed them to 12 shows a year for three years, saying: "That means Jeremy has to get in a low slung car in three years and then get out of it. I want to be there to see that."