Bottoms up! Here's our Great British Bake Off drinking game


As the Great British Bake Off finally returns to our screens, grab your nearest and dearest, a glass of your favourite tipple, and indulge in our GBBO drinking game.

The game is simple: drink every time...

Someone says soggy bottom

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Let's not lie, we giggle every time.

You learn something amazing about the history of baking, but promptly forget it

Someone runs out of time


Someone hasn't practised their bake

Mary just wouldn't be impressed.

No-one knows what the technical bake is

What on God's green earth is a flaoune? Don't even get us started on the mokatines.

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Paul hooks his thumbs out of his trousers

Is he trying to look more macho? Who knows - it just looks awkward.

Someone's bake collapses

Paul tells someone "good luck"

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But only after ripping apart their bake and reducing them to a quivering pile of nerves and caster sugar.

Mary's outfit is on point

Mary Berry
(Luke MacGregor/PA)

Seriously, who wouldn't want her vast array of cute floral blazers? She nails it every time.

Mel and Sue make a terrible pun

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins
(Mark Bourdillon/PA)

You cringe, but also laugh. Never change, Mel and Sue.

A contestant says something self-deprecating and terribly, terribly English

"I've never baked this before it's probably rubbish."

Oh, is that why you've been awarded Star Baker then?!

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The camera closes in on the only cute young baker

Tamal from GBBO.
(Mark Bourdillon/PA)

Mark our words, there's one every year.

Iain Watters from GBBO.
(Mark Bourdillon/PA)

Someone cries

It always seems to get very emotional in that tent.

Good luck!

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