Primary school pupil's hilariously honest answer to a test question will make you laugh


An innocent remark by a child can sometimes have a completely different, or double, meaning - and if we're lucky it provides uproarious laughter for us.

Primary school pupil Austin's response to a test is one of these gems.

Imgur user Millhousenstein posted a photo of his son's school work, saying: "My son's first week in kindergarten off to a great start..."

My sons first week in kindergarten off to a great start...

In the test, Austin completes a sentence starting with "Hands are for...", with the answer "touching balls".

Hilarious as it may be, not all Imgur users are convinced the answer is genuine, with some saying the handwriting is too neat for such a young pupil, while others point out the writing is different in both the boy's name and the answer to the question.

reddit screenshot.
(Imgur screenshot)

But whether it's fake or not, the internet certainly had a good laugh, as the post notched up more than 300,000 views.