People are STILL talking about Jenna Coleman's reaction to being asked about Prince Harry


Former Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman may have batted off speculation about her and Prince Harry, but her reaction to being asked the question is still a hot topic.

The 30-year-old actress is set to play a young Queen Victoria in a new ITV period drama.

Jenna on This Morning (Rex features)
Jenna on This Morning (Rex features)

Rewind the clock to last year though when she and Harry were pictured "looking flirty" at a polo match.

Jenna was clearly not impressed when Kate Garraway asked her on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning whether she had met the Prince to carry out research on the Royal Family for the TV role.

Kate cheerily posted a picture of the pair together, and Jenna's face says it all.

Fans were quick to comment on Jenna's reaction and it's STILL being talked about nearly 24 hours later.

Here's what the buzz is:

Some people think Kate shouldn't have asked the question...

Should Kate say sorry to Jenna?

Jenna's fans think she handled it all like, well, royalty...