Everyone was hooked from the start on the first episode of new BBC thriller One Of Us


The first episode of new four-part BBC thriller One Of Us had viewers completely hooked from the start.

The first few graphic scenes showed a murdered pregnant newlywed couple sprawled out on the floor of their Edinburgh flat while a creepy man stood over them - and people on Twitter knew they definitely wouldn't be turning off (even if they were mildly terrified).

They were also desperately trying to keep up as we met lots of characters - including some familiar faces such as Juliet Stevenson and even Chris (Joe Dempsie) from Skins.

There were a few laughs at how much of a dead ringer John Lynch was for Eric Cantona.

john lynch during the show (Screenshot/BBC)

The plot certainly began to thicken when the guy who appeared to be the robber and killer was in a car accident right outside the murdered woman's parents' house - and they looked after him not knowing who he was.

Though people weren't convinced that was all that believable and have been trying to guess how it ends already.

They'll have to tune in again next week to find out.