Viewers thought Giles Cohen's new 500 Questions game show was basically Bamboozle from Friends


A new ITV game show had Twitter in stitches for all the wrong reasons.

Giles Cohen is best known as The Times's long-standing restaurant critic but now he's presenting 500 Questions - a general knowledge game show with dramatic music and really random rules that many viewers couldn't follow.

500 Questions

As the name suggests there are 500 questions on offer and contestants fire out as many answers as they like until one sticks. But with "triple threats", "battles" and "lightening rounds" thrown in, it was a bit like the fictional game show in Friends, Bamboozle.

Or maybe That Mitchell And Webb Look's Numberwang.

It was just really confusing.

With a lot of forced drama.

No one's sure about Giles Cohen as a serious game show host.


That didn't stop a few people getting into it though.

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