CBB: Lewis and James are out, Marnie's heartbroken, and Sam does NOT have the hump


Lewis Bloor was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, leaving love interest Marnie Simpson in floods of tears.

The show's couple were ripped apart when it was announced that he would be the fifth housemate to leave, with Marnie reacting by shouting "No!" and bursting into tears.

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson
Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Channel 5)

It was a double eviction show  - James Whale was named as the sixth housemate to be booted out, but his news got slightly lost in the midst of the heartbreak following Lewis's ousting.

Stephen Bear also declared himself to be "gutted" over the news that pal Lewis was gone.

James Whale in the Big Brother house
James Whale in the Big Brother house (Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Sam Fox has had just about enough of Stephen and his constant questioning over whether she's "got the hump".

The contestant finally snapped in what seemed like a storm in a teacup over a marshmallow eating contest - but Stephen's needling proved too much for her to take.

She flipped, with viewers finding her rant hilarious.

However, some thought she took the threat too far.