Olympic presenter Dan Walker red-faced as couple canoodle in the background


Sports presenter Dan Walker was left red-faced as a couple canoodled on the beach in the background while he presented the latest update from the Rio Olympics.

The BBC presenter reassured viewers the couple in question were just "reading a book".

Dan Walker presenting the BBC Olympic coverage
hey're "just reading a book", apparently (BBC)

The 39-year-old addressed the beach romp during his daily round-up when viewers started commenting on social media.

He said: "And for those asking what's going on in the background on social media now, we're not going to zoom in, but rest assured it's not 'that', it's just a hug ... they're reading a book ... they are reading a book in a strange pose."

He added that they would "find out what the book is maybe later on ..." and then said the cameras would not be "going any closer than that though".

The presenter himself though was maintaining the party line.

BBC Sport also posted a short clip on their Twitter account.