Kate Moss is a dream-like celestial guide in unbelievable and unique new perfume campaign

Everyone has wondered what it's like to hang out with Kate Moss, and now fans will be able to get a chance to ... kind of.

The supermodel appears in a brand new and revolutionary virtual reality experience as part of make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury's debut perfume, Scent Of A Dream.

Kate appears as a celestial guide in the middle of outer space in a breathtaking and amazingly unique display, transporting the user on a quest through the galaxy, leaving them feeling like they are actually in her presence.

As anybody who has given virtual reality a go will know, if you turn your head either way, up or down or even to look behind you, all manner of things from every angle can be seen: in this case, stars and wormholes and perfume bottles galore.

Looking sensational, of course, Kate glows in a golden gown as she stands on Orion's belt, showing off the perfume before inviting you into a party, where she hooks up with handsome male model Nathan Mitchell.

It's all part of Charlotte's immersive, sensory design, giving consumers a chance to feel her new fragrance, as well as smell it, of course.

The celebrity make-up artist said of the unique advertising campaign: "I wanted a revolutionary, new virtual reality experience that could bring to life the magic and the power of Scent Of A Dream.

"This is like nothing I have ever experienced before, it is like being alone in the universe as Kate Moss and embarking on this magical astral journey together."

She added that she worked closely with the film's director Antoine Wagner to "tease out every sensory, 360 aspect of my perfume using virtual reality - from the fragrance notes, to understanding what it means to be the key to attraction, as well being immersed in the characters and party of my hypnotic, addictive, otherworldly film."

Antoine added of his pride at being able to create an experience "in which you can smell and understand the perfume with your eyes".

The virtual reality experience will be accessible in Charlotte Tilbury Covent Garden and at Selfridges in London from August 18.

However, if you're not in the capital any time soon, you can watch it on YouTube.

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury (Dominic Lipinski / PA Archive/PA Images)

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