Frank Ocean fans think they've found the warehouse from his live stream


If you've never visited Frank Ocean's subreddit, you've never truly experienced the depths of despair his fans have fallen into while waiting for Boys Don't Cry to be released.

There, you'll find confessions from people who've stayed up for 15 nights in a row watching replays of Frank's mysterious live stream, tales of fans being triggered by orange BMWs in adverts, and plenty of detective work.

Channel Orange producer Malay's Ask Me Anything is being stripped apart for any clue regarding the possible release date for Frank's album, and fans have been on the hunt for the warehouse Frank's live stream was filmed in. One believes they've found it.


There's no plan for what to do now that they've found the warehouse; Frank is no longer there, and his album is still not with us. But hopeful ideas like staging a listening party there when BDC is actually released have been floated, although the $3,200 a day renting price seems to have crushed those dreams.

A twist in the tale came when one fan contacted the warehouse's owner, who denied any knowledge of Frank ever being on the premises.

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A mealy mouthed reply.

The warehouse, in Brooklyn, New York, has received so much attention since being suggested as Frank's filming location that there's now even a note on its rental page: SORRY KIDS, FRANK OCEAN HAS NEVER BEEN IN THIS SPACE. Likely story.

We're off to investigate this theory that a cryptic tweet from Malay one month ago, coupled with something written on top of the warehouse, means that Boys Don't Cry is being released on Wednesday September 14. Send help.