This rat struggling to run up a down escalator is such a perfect metaphor for life it hurts


Runaway Rat Races Up Escalator at Shopping Mall

Forget #PizzaRat - it's all about #EscalatorRat now.

This determined little rodent was caught on camera by shoppers in TriNoma mall, in Quezon City in the Philippines, trying painfully hard to clamber up a downwards-moving escalator. Which, as we're sure you'll all agree, is not an easy feat.

The rat looks like it's desperate to get away from the security guard standing at the bottom, and you'll find yourself really rooting for the little guy as it so very nearly makes it up to the second floor.

Kru Bryan - Look at this! This rat knows how to exercise.... | Facebook

It's not known what happened to the rat in the end. Did he get get to the top? Was he caught by the guard? Did he just give up on life?

However, one thing's for sure... we can all relate with the struggle.