Norway hosted the world belly flop championship and it looks unbelievably painful


You wouldn't get away with landing belly-first in the water at the Olympic diving, but for contestants at Norway's dodsing competition it is a must.

That's because dodsing is a Norwegian version of belly flopping - and it looks, to be frank, agonisingly painful.

The world championship of the sport took place in Oslo over the weekend and produced more than its fair share of wince-inducing moments.

And while it may look like they're simply hurling themselves into the water in the most painful way possible, we're told there's much more to it than that.

Apparently the aim is to spread your body wide, staying as horizontal as possible while falling through the air, then curl up just before impact.

And if you're wondering what dodsing means, well, it translates literally as "deathing". How reassuring.

Time to get in training for next year's competition...