Tired of Trump and Clinton? You have to see these Game Of Thrones political campaign videos


For those tired of the seemingly endless battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there are other options.

Game Of Thrones' American broadcaster, HBO, is throwing four other candidates into the mix for those "who don't see the right banner on the ballot", and they happen to be the stars of everyone's favourite show.

There are campaign videos for four different "candidates" and their "running mates" to rule Westeros and there are some interesting combos, most crucially Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are not paired!

First up are Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister, who pledge to "break the wheel".

Next up is Jon Snow, who says he will "serve the people", with his incredible advocate Lyanna Mormont. We would probably do anything this kid told us to do.

A riskier option might be Petyr Baelish but he is teamed up with Sansa. We saw their alliance take an interesting turn at the end of season 6 so what does this ticket mean for the future?

Finally, the current ruler Cersei Lannister throws her hat into the ring with Qyburn at her side. We know she doesn't need him at all so chances are he's a running mate in name only.

The #GOT2016 is hotting up and you can cast your vote here.