Briton's AK-47 artwork banned from entry to US


British artist Bran Symondson has revealed his disappointment after his artwork created from decommissioned AK-47 assault rifles was banned from entering the US.

The contemporary pieces - titled Spoils Of War, Beat Of A Wing and Virtue Of The Vicious - were due to be displayed at The Colombe d'Or in Houston, Texas, as part of an exhibition by London's Maddox Gallery.

However, the pieces were stopped at US Customs and will not be permitted to enter the USA.

Former soldier Bran is well known for his art, which sees him embellish weapons with dollar bills, iconography and butterflies.

Bran Symondson's art (Bran Symondson)
Bran Symondson's art (Bran Symondson)

He said: "It is unfortunate that I am unable to exhibit Spoils Of War, Beat Of A Wing and Virtue Of The Vicious - particularly as the pieces are created from decommissioned AK-47s, which were captured en route from Afghanistan to Syria, completely harmless and unusable as weapons.

"It is ironic that the law permits US citizens to go and buy a new, live weapon which I could, in theory, use to create one of my artworks from, which then could technically be used in its intended form, but will not allow my pieces of harmless art into the country."

Maddox Gallery said: "The pieces have been halted at US customs and will not be permitted to be released for Maddox Gallery's exhibition this week due to US Customs law."