Michelle Keegan catches Hollywood's eye


Michelle Keegan could be headed for Tinseltown glory.

The ex-Corrie beauty has been in South Africa (where lots of big US movies are made) shooting BBC drama Our Girl 2, and it seems her looks and talent have brought her to the attention of some Hollywood film-makers.

Her stunt co-ordinator Paul Pieterse told The Sunday People: "The Hollywood interest has all come out of her performance in Our Girl 2. She's very good.

Michelle Keegan stars in Our Girl
Michelle Keegan in Our Girl (Coco Van Oppens/BBC)

"Cape Town is a hub of new movies and people come here from the US to scour for new talent. There's a lot of big money being spent here.

"Michelle has now shown her diversity in Our Girl 2. Can her looks and body match up to Hollywood's women? Absolutely yes. Michelle is a belter, no two ways about that, and pictures don't do her credit."

Paul added that "a lot of people in this town are talking about her".

Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan (Ian West/PA)

The stuntman has previously worked with Charlize Theron and reckons Michelle could be as big as the A-lister one day.

"I did The Last Face with Charlize Theron and I don't rate her the same way I rate Michelle Keegan," he said.

"I think Charlize was very lucky, in the right place at the right time, and the same thing will apply to Michelle. If she gets the right part she's going all the way."