Celebrity Big Brother: Bear causes Katie Waissel meltdown as he goes on food throwing rampage with Heavy D


Nominations are set to be screened to the housemates in tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother in a twist likely to cause havoc in the already tense house.

Following the revelation of who will be up for eviction on Tuesday, a mischievous Stephen Bear and Heavy D rile their housemates further by throwing food around the house, including olive oil, pasta and cereal.

Viewers will see Bear enter the bathroom and deliberately leave a trail of tomato soup and chopped tomatoes on the floor while muttering to himself: "What's going to annoy everyone?"

Their antics will raise the ire of Katie Waissel in particular, who threatens to destroy the house's alcohol supply in retaliation.

"I'm telling you Big Brother you do not want to see this f****** side of me, open this door," Katie warns.

Addressing Heavy D, she shrieks: "Colin, if you were smart you would take this f****** broom and f****** clean this s*** up with me."

Bear and Heavy D will make Katie furious (Channel 5)
Bear and Heavy D will make Katie furious (Channel 5)

Bear and Heavy D's actions do not go unnoticed by Big Brother, who severely reprimands them in the Diary Room.

Earlier in the day, Bear is also reminded by Big Brother not to goad his housemates, after antagonising Renee Graziano during her argument with Heavy D about the washing up.

She later approaches him to call a truce. Bear tells Renee that she had never done anything "personal" to him, but she says that she had been mean to him, which was out of character.

The two shake hands.

Despite Chloe's departure, Bear bought condoms (Channel 5)
Despite Chloe's departure, Bear bought condoms (Channel 5)

Despite his partner Chloe Khan being evicted from the house, viewers will also see Bear choose to buy a packet of condoms with his part of the luxury shopping budget.

He also purchases seven French manicure sets to "pamper everyone in the house", but then has to take reassurances from Lewis Bloor that he will share his food when Aubrey O'Day warns him that he can no longer share the "group food".

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.