Gary Lineker stuck to his word and actually presented Match Of The Day in his pants - or were they just shorts?


It seems Gary Lineker is a man of his word as he presented Match Of The Day in his underwear on the first show of the new season.

The former England striker had to strip down to his pants after last season claiming he would do so if boyhood club Leicester won the title.

They did, of course, meaning Lineker had to go for it.

Gary Lineker in his pants on Natch Of The day

The show was introduced as "here's a man in his pants" and, after the title credits, Lineker appeared on the set, close to the camera, sporting a pair of white boxer shorts carrying the Leicester badge and nothing else other than a microphone round his neck, with studio guests Alan Shearer and Ian Wright laughing in the background.

Gary Lineker presenting MOTD in his underwear

Before the start of the show Lineker posted a pic of his discarded clothes on Instagram and wrote: "Won't be needing these #Motd."

But a lot of people actually seemed cheated because his pants weren't that small. In fact, were they just white shorts? Fellow MOTD presenter had his doubts.