Swedish Fish-flavoured Oreos exist and Twitter has had some mixed reviews for them


Chocolate sounds like a perfectly reasonable choice of filling for an Oreo. As for peanut butter, that's a milk-dunker made in heaven.

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Birthday cake sounds edible but is disconcertingly non-specific. Watermelon, although confusing to the palate, sounds sweet and at least relevant to a dessert.

The aforementioned flavours have all been genuinely released by the American biscuit giant, but now they have pushed things to a whole new level.

They have released Swedish Fish flavour.

Chef John Besh holds an Oreo thin
Oreo thins look pretty good to be fair ((Diane Bondareff/AP)

The flavour is not quite a baffling concoction of Scandinavian sea creature and sandwich shaped treat, as you might expect from the name. Swedish Fish is a fish-shaped gummy sweet from the USA similar to Britain's wine gum apparently. Most Brits probably wouldn't mix those with custard creams though, to give an analogy.

The biscuit is only available at Kroger stores, a US-based shop and pharmacy. According to the company's website its founder's motto was: "Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself."

Whether Barney Kroger would have liked the new biscuit we will never know, but opinions online are pretty diverse...

Some aren't interested.

Others say they have tried them.

Or are looking to try them.

One guy blames meteor activity for the creation.

And some are filled with hate...