Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport again


Shah Rukh Khan has revealed he was stopped at an airport in the US.

The Bollywood superstar tweeted that he gets detained at the country's airports "every damn time", after he was stopped at Los Angeles International Airport.

The US Ambassador to New Delhi Richard R Verma tweeted an apology to the star on Friday, saying the US government was working to "ensure it doesn't happen again".

Shah replied, saying he "respects the protocol" and doesn't expect to be "above it", but added that "it's just a tad inconvenient".

The 50-year-old film star was also tweeted by Nisha Biswal, the assistant US secretary of state for south and central Asia,  who apologised and explained that "even American diplomats get pulled for extra screening".

It was third time the Indian actor has been detained at a US airport. In 2012 he was stopped at an airport in White Plains, New York, and in 2009 he was detained for two hours at Newark in New Jersey.

Celebrities and top officials in India are routinely given special treatment and avoid routine security checks.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan was detained at LA airport (Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

It's not clear why Shah was detained or for how long.

However, he did manage to turn the experience into a positive as he revealed all that spare time meant he was able to catch some "really nice Pokemons".