Renee Graziano to choose another CBB housemate to face eviction


Another Celebrity Big Brother housemate will be chosen to face eviction as the contestants take part in the weekly shopping task.

Marnie Simpson, Renee Graziano, James Whale and Stephen Bear were all due to face the public vote but in footage that will air on Thursday night, Renee wins the chance to choose another housemate to face the chop.

In Big Brother's Big Risk shopping task, the housemates must take part in a game show task to win a luxury shopping budget but can choose whether to play for their own benefit or for the good of the house.

By choosing to play for her own benefit, Renee wins a "save and replace". Her selection of which housemate should face eviction will be revealed in Thursday night's show.

Geordie Shore star Marnie also chooses to play the game for her own benefit and her prize of either a "save and replace" or choosing two fellow housemates to eat only slop all day will be revealed in the episode.

Later on, the divide between foursome Bear, Chloe Khan, Lewis Bloor and Marnie and the rest of the house becomes more pronounced as they reflect on Chloe's topless pole dancing the night before.

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5 at 9pm.