Future gets personal in short Purple Reign tour documentary


Future's work ethic is unlike anybody else's in hip hop, and the Atlanta native says he does it all for his family.

"That's what I work for. I've got the three number one albums for my kids, to set a solid foundation for them. I wanna make sure my kids is always good. Even my nephews and my nieces and my sister, my brothers. I truly work for my family. I do everything for my family."

Future also said the only thing that will stop him spending as much time in the studio is his kids growing up, and fear of missing those precious moments.

The ten minute MTV documentary gives good insight into what makes Future tick, how he deals with day-to-day life and how he views himself and his music.

In what seem like thinly veiled shots at Desiigner, although the 19-year-old is not the only recent rapper to mimic Future's flow, the 32-year-old said: "You can ride the wave, but you're not going to be the wave. I am the wave."

Hendrix also spoke on the loneliness that can come with fame, themes often alluded to in his lyrics. Talking about a time he was driving around in LA and his thoughts ran away from him, he said he was thinking: "It's a dream to come from where I come from and say you have a house in Beverly Hills, but I'm not happy. This is not who I am. I don't like walking outside and walking my dog. That's not what I do.

"I'm not happy in this expensive car driving around... lonely. You know. I don't have nobody to really talk to, so I was just like I need to go back home where I can just pull up at my grandma's house and tell her 'fix me something to eat grandma'."