American Crime Story season two will 'shine a light' on Hurricane Katrina


The writing team behind season two of American Crime Story is hard at work on scripts for the next instalment, which focuses on Hurricane Katrina.

As The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story rides the high of its 22 Emmy nominations, executive producer Brad Simpson said: "We want the events that brought America together and also that shine a light on the parts of America that maybe we don't want to acknowledge."

Executive producers Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson
Executive producers Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson (Evan Agostini/AP)

Following a panel for TV critics about FX anthology series The People v. O.J. Simpson, he continued: "I think with Katrina there's a lot of stuff. This was a natural disaster waiting to happen, and it will happen again in America."

Brad credits series creator and writer Ryan Murphy with the idea of tackling Katrina in season two. But Brad said he and his producing partner Nina Jacobson had long been fascinated with the idea of a story about the topic.

"There were crimes that happened during Katrina. Murders, rapes, you know, and there's also the crime of us not rescuing these people and not being prepared to take care of New Orleans," he said.

American Crime Story explored the OJ Simpson case
American Crime Story explored the O.J. Simpson case (Ethan Miller/AP)

Brad also said the production team was careful to not pick another courtroom drama.

"We don't want to repeat ourselves, and that's part of the thing. We did the crime of the century. We like to define crime broadly... I love true crime, but I just don't love one kind.

"We'll probably someday pick maybe something along the lines of a less famous case that has great, juicy stuff. We'd like to tell the story of injustice. We wish we had Making a Murderer or Serial... but, you know, those (topics) have been done. We're exploring lots of formats throughout history."

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (Vincent Laforet/AP)

As for source material on Katrina, Brad said they "have a book" they're working off of but also employ a researcher helping to gather information.

Brad added that once the scripts are more concrete, they will know which roles they have to cast. But they would like to work with some of the People v. O.J. cast if they can.

"We'd like to use as many actors as we can. It's gonna be subject to availability whether we have the right roles. You know, certainly Sterling (K. Brown), (John) Travolta, Sarah (Paulson), Cuba (Gooding, Jr.). We'd like to figure out if there are roles for them."

He wouldn't confirm if a character portraying former President George W Bush, who was named in much of the criticism about Katrina, would feature.

But Brad said: "The people that you'd imagine are probably gonna be in it, and then people that you don't know will also be in it."