Martin Shkreli is dropping an album


You might remember Martin Shkreli as the pharmaceutical CEO responsible for buying an Aids drug and raising the price by 5,000%. Or as the guy who owns the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. But, soon, you might know him as M$, or The Professor. Because he's releasing an album.

The "most hated man on the internet" uploaded a tracklist onto Twitter for an album he claims is not a joke, and that consists of "anthem after anthem". Also listed is a Ghostface diss and, if the tracklist is to be believed, beats from Just Blaze, Timbaland and Scott Storch.

On Ghostbusters Shkreli takes shots at Ghostface, following the pair's war of words since Shkreli's emergence. Ghostface labelled the former hedge fund manager a "shithead" following the Aids drug fiasco, while Shkreli threatened to remove Ghostface from Shaolin and punch him in the face. Meanwhile Ghostface's 12-minute Shkreli diss is legendary.

Shkreli says that at times on the album his "surgical" flow will be showcased.

Given the amount of money the 33-year-old possesses it's not absurd to imagine him actually being able to get hold of a Timbaland beat, or pay a ghostwriter for that matter.

But until the album comes out and we hear what Shkreli has in his locker, we'll just have to take him at his word.