Celebrity Big Brother: Ricky finally loses his patience with Bear, much to fans' delight


Ricky Norwood found himself embroiled in a heated confrontation with Stephen Bear, after seemingly failing to win the daily house task.

The Celebrity Big Brother contestants were given the challenge of protecting balloons in order to win themselves a party yet, unbeknown to the others, Saira Khan and Marnie Simpson had been tasked with a secret mission to pop the balloons of housemates they wanted to attend the party.

Big Brother
(Channel 5)

As the duo had chosen Ricky as one of their six guests, it was up to Marnie to burst his bubble (quite literally) to secure his place at the party - and Ricky, unsurprisingly, was not happy.

"I don't feel safe in that room around Rick," Bear said, jumping off the bed after goading his housemate.

"Stop saying my f*****g name. You've got no mates. F**k off." Ricky fumed, following him into the kitchen.

"That's nasty talk, you've upset me," Bear replied.

Big Brother
(Channel 5)

Later in the Diary Room, Ricky continued his rant, branding his housemate an "ugly human being".

"Get him out of the house. I am fuming. He's an ugly human being, he's been trying to provoke, provoke, provoke," he said.

"I can't even stand his voice any more, I don't want to be around bullies any more, no thank you."

Viewers couldn't help but agree with the ex-EastEnders star who, until his outburst, seemed to be a pretty quiet addition to the Celebrity Big Brother house.