Baby joy for skiers Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford


Olympic alpine skier Chemmy Alcott has announced she is expecting her first baby with husband Dougie Crawford.

Chemmy, 34, competed in Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Turin, Vancouver and Sochi before retiring from the professional sport in 2014.

She told Hello! magazine it was her acupuncturist who gave her the first clue she was expecting a baby.

She said: "How phenomenal that he could tell before I even knew. At one session, he told me 'I can't do your normal acupuncture today because your rhythms are off'.

d Hello! Magazine handout photo of Chemmy Alcott and her husband Dougie Crawford, who appear in this week's edition of Hello! Magazine.

"The next morning he messaged, saying 'I think you should do a pregnancy test'.

"I thought 'I won't get my hopes up', but I did the test and it was positive."

Chemmy and Dougie, who is also a ski champion, plan to introduce their child to the slopes at an early age.

Chemmy, who first took to the slopes at 18 months, said: "I do know if we have a girl she'll be like me, a tomboy, because she'll be travelling around in the mountains from the day she's born."

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