Robot Wars fans loved nine-year-old April and her awesome robot Glitterbomb


Nine-year-old underdog April won the hearts of Robot Wars viewers when she appeared on the show with her creation Glitterbomb.

In the first group battle of the episode, their pink Glitterbomb, took on King B Remix, Overdozer, Dantomkia and house robot Matilda.

April and Glitterbomb on Robot Wars (BBC Two/screenshot)
April and Glitterbomb on Robot Wars (BBC Two/screenshot)

April was the "boss" of the group, choosing the design, colour scheme and pneumatic axe, and even got to have a go driving the robot in the arena - albeit with her dad James' thumbs helping on the controls.

She explained: "Its a pink robot that's all glittery with a belt around its waist and the axe is really spiky so it can dig into robots."

April even went through six axes before she was happy with their murdering machine.

Sadly for the family team from Wrexham, north Wales, Glitterbomb was immobilised quickly by Dantomkia, which dad James put down to a gas leak.

"Was it Dad's driving?" host Angela Scanlon asked.

"No," replied his loyal daughter, although evidently heartbroken by their defeat.

Twitter loved the determined little girl, comparing her to everyone from a fierce Game Of Thrones star to the recent second place schoolgirl on Child Genius.

And Glitterbomb got her own fan club.

'Til next time, April!