Four more celebrities face eviction on CBB as Lewis and Heavy D nearly come to blows over Marnie's honour


Four Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been put up for nomination in the second round of evictions.

Storage Hunters UK's Heavy D, Loose Women panellist Saira Khan and The Only Way Is Essex's Lewis Bloor received the most nominations from their fellow housemates and face the live eviction on Tuesday.

Heavy D and Bear are among the celebrities up for eviction (Channel 5)
Heavy D and Bear are among the celebrities up for eviction (Channel 5)

They go up alongside Ex On The Beach's Stephen Bear, who has an Eternal Nomination, meaning he is up for eviction for the remainder of the series.

Lewis looked shocked as he heard his name announced by Big Brother, to which Bear told him, "I reckon it's people in here getting the hump because you're knocking about with me."

Saira predicted her exit to Sam Fox. "I'll be out, I'm fine. I don't mind, hun," she said.

Lewis maintained that the only reason he'd been nominated was because the others couldn't nominate Bear.

Unfortunately viewers were in agreement with the housemates that, actually, Lewis just wasn't a great person.

It was a bitter round of nominations, with Heavy D's singing, Saira's "negative energy" and Lewis's "guilty by association" friendship with antagonist Bear given as reasons for putting up their names.

Lewis later clashed with Heavy D as he defended the honour of his romantic partner Marnie Simpson after Heavy D caught her hiding the empty remains of a bottle of wine she had stolen.

Geordie Shore star Marnie accused Heavy D of hiding alcohol too in the house, which he denied, swearing on his mother's life.

Heavy D found Marnie hiding alcohol (Channel 5)
Heavy D found Marnie hiding alcohol (Channel 5)

"You f****** scumbag, you just lied on your mother's life," Lewis shouted, pulling himself from the swimming pool to fight Heavy D.

"Your bird's a liar," Heavy D hit back.

Lewis was held back by Bear, while Saira pleaded with him to calm down as the situation came perilously close to a fist-fight.

Saira pleaded with lewis to calm down (Channel 5)
Saira pleaded with Lewis to calm down (Channel 5)

Big Brother called Heavy D into the house to separate them, before later warning Lewis that his actions "could be construed as an act of aggression".

Except as Towie fans pointed out, Lewis has been part of a fight before and it didn't end well for him. 

Lewis made clear his thoughts on Heavy D: "He's pond life, scratching, itching, looking for an argument... he pushes the right buttons.... He's a lazy, ill-mannered, greedy person. A wind-up."

But the tide of public opinion was against Bear, Lewis and Marnie.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.