Take a look at the nail-biting scenes from the World Thumb Wrestling Championships


What better way to spend your Saturday than partaking in a game of thumb war?

People rallied round to the Lock's Inn in Beccles, Norfolk to put their thumbs to the test in the annual World Thumb Wrestling Championships 2016.

There was some pretty brutal sporting action on display in both the men's and women's competitions.

people during a thumb war (Jeff Spicer/PA)
(Jeff Spicer/PA)

competitors take on each other in a thumb war (Jeff Spicer/PA)
(Jeff Spicer/PA)

competitors take part in thumb war (Jeff Spicer/PA)
(Jeff Spicer/PA)

Actually, some were less brutal than others.

a young boy in a thumb war with his dad (Jeff Spicer/PA)
(Jeff Spicer/PA)

Eventually the winners were crowned as husband and wife Becky and Paul Browse.

the winners of the thumb war (Jeff Spicer/PA)
(Jeff Spicer/PA)

Now there just needs to be a match between these two to decide the ultimate champ, we reckon.