Housemates and viewers turn on Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother as he is given Eternal Nomination


It turned nasty in the Celebrity Big Brother house as Stephen Bear pushed his housemates to breaking point, before being handed an Eternal Nomination.

The Ex On The Beach star received the most votes from his fellow housemates, which will see him up for eviction at each public vote for the remainder of the show, after a day that began with a jail break.

Bear broke out of Big Brother's jail (Channel 5)
Bear broke out of Big Brother's jail (Channel 5)

Stephen was sent to "jail" for breaking the rules and eating the winning team's luxury food items, but he quickly staged an escape.

EastEnders actor Ricky Norwood didn't hold back in expressing his anger about the reality star to Big Brother.

Talking to the diary room, he said: "There ain't no respect there ... I think he's disgusting, he's a litter bug ... he does what he wants.

"Him being in jail is good but if he wants to go and do something he's probably going to go and do it ... it makes no difference."

A belligerent Stephen, who was trapped alongside DJ James Whale, escaped from the jail, only for irritated housemates to warn him back for fear of group punishment.

His disregard for the group continued after the removal of Christopher Biggins for "unacceptable language" when he referred to Aids as a "bisexual disease".

While other housemates expressed their shock, Stephen said: "Who cares anyway, man? What the f***."

Stephen proved himself to be a more sensitive soul when the housemates were asked to make their Eternal Nominations in front of everyone, and he received the highest votes.

Speaking to Frankie Grande, an angry Stephen shouted, "Don't talk to me, that's how I roll ... I don't need that s***.

"Bore off, I don't care, don't talk to me for the whole duration that I'm here. You are very false, I don't want to hear it."

When Frankie replied: "You made me so f****** uncomfortable the other day," Stephen lashed out: "I feel honoured that you think I'm a threat."

Bear clashed with Frankie and Aubrey (Channel 5)
Stephen clashed with Frankie and Aubrey (Channel 5)

He then clashed with Renee Graziano, who found his drawing of a penis next to Aubrey O'Day's name on her nomination card "offensive".

Stephen replied: "I enjoy it ... She can be a dick."

Aubrey did not let Stephen off, however.

Speaking to Big Brother in the diary room, she said: "Right now the atmosphere sucks. I really hate asshole Bear.

"There's just no compassion, depth, understanding, intellect, basic human kindness in that man.

"I'm so turned off by all the fakeness ... he's a disease and needs to get out of this house. Period."

Viewers almost unanimously agreed.

There's somehow a few that are still rooting for him - though perhaps not for the right reasons.