Big Brother's Andy West confirms his engagement is over


Big Brother's Andy West, who became engaged during his time in the house, has confirmed his split from fiance Ed Hutton.

Viewers watched as Irishman Ed entered the house during a task and dropped to his knee to propose to an emotional Andy, who told him that he couldn't live without him.

Big Brother's Andy West is engaged (Channel 5/screengrab)
Big Brother's Andy West became engaged during the show (Channel 5/screengrab)

However, it was revealed in a newspaper that Ed had been looking to meet men on gay dating app Grindr while the BBC journalist - who came fourth in the show - was still in the house.

Speaking to The Sun, Andy said that he was warned by a producer to speak to Ed at the wrap party, who initially denied being unfaithful, leading Andy to tell the press they still intended to marry.

But Ed eventually confessed to Andy he had cheated and the two have now split.

Andy discovered after leaving that Ed had been unfaithful (Channel 5)
Andy discovered after leaving that Ed had been unfaithful (Channel 5)

Andy said: "It was hard to get answers from him and he kept denying it.

"Eventually he admitted he had been unfaithful in the past - I didn't ask him details about who or when or why."

He continued: "I don't feel angry at him, I feel sad that what we supposed to have has been ruined."

A heartbroken Andy said that what should have been a happy time together planning their future has now been ruined.

To make matters worse, Andy said he "tortured myself for weeks" when he had a quick kiss with Sam Giffen in a game of Truth or Dare.

Andy came fourth in the show (Channel 5)
Andy came fourth in the show (Channel 5)

He said: "When he (Ed) came into that house and proposed to me and asked me grow old with him, he had given me the most incredible moment of my life and then by telling me that he had been unfaithful to me he had taken it all away again.

"That's what hurt. This should be the happiest time of my life. We should be choosing an engagement ring, planning my stag do, choosing what suit I should wear.

"I should be looking at venues. We should be celebrating that we are back together after BB but now I'm trying to forget that he has cheated on me and that we're no longer together."