Move over Orlando Bloom! Justin Bieber's penis has sent the internet into a meltdown (again!)


Just when you thought that the world has recovered from naked pictures of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding with girlfriend Katy Perry, along comes Justin Bieber with more penis-revealing photos.

The 22-year-old was pictured letting it all hang out during a trip to Hawaii with his rumoured girlfriend, model Sahara Ray.

The photos, published by the New York Daily News website, show the Canadian singer in the water without his trunks on - although his private parts were censored out of the images.

And the internet, as usual, went into meltdown:

People remembered that time when Justin got his wiener out when he was on holiday in Bora Bora last year:

Justin later spoke out against the photos, claiming he felt "super violated" by them. Then his father Jeremy made everyone very uncomfortable when he tweeted about the snaps, saying: "What do you feed that thing? #prouddaddy."

Comparisons with Orlando were being made:

But not everyone was impressed by the Round Two of nude pics...

Some were concerned about the singer's privacy:

Whatever your views are on this matter, it's probably best to stay off social media for the next few days if you want to avoid all the Bieber wiener news.