Every sound Kanye West has made on a song has been cut together and visualised in one video


Since his first album, Kanye West has been handing out wisdom on songs like nobody's business - and it's sometimes years before people fully grasp what he was talking about.

His lyricism - mixed with intricate production and a vision that only Kanye possesses - is what makes the Chicago native's music so unique. But let's not pretend that his ad-libs don't add another layer to it all.

A set of YouTubers going under the name BORT have put together a video that they claim is "all the times Kanye West makes a sound". It essentially comprises of ad-libs from across his eight albums. But what makes it even funnier is seeing the sounds represented in visual form. Take a look.

We didn't realise how much we needed that video until we had it.

If that's not enough for you, BORT, which is a group of six friends from America, also put together a compilation of every time Kanye mentions a TV show or movie, animals, and food.