John Cleese reveals he has regained control of his Facebook page with hilarious post


John Cleese has revealed he is now fully in control of his official Facebook page in the most John Cleese way possible.

The Monty Python legend, 76, last week launched his own YouTube channel and has now taken his social media takeover one step further by regaining management of his Facebook page.

In a joke-laden post, accompanied by a smiling photo of himself, John told his followers to "stop" whatever they were doing as he had an "important announcement" to make.

"I am writing to you right now, at this very moment, to inform you that I have finally taken complete control of my Facebook page," he continued.

He quipped that the "shackles of bureaucracy that were keeping the good, honest people... such as yourselves... from the world's most celebrated and beloved actor, comedian, and writer... me... have been broken forever."

Graham Norton Show, John Cleese
John Cleese has revealed he has regained control of his Facebook page, days after launching his own YouTube channel (Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images)

Further joking about the speed of his "slightly ageing" fingers typing on the keyboard, he added that he will be using the platform to "rant and rave about life".

He promised to "post new Cleese videos, and send you wonderful, slightly unimportant people images of my adorable cats (as I understand that this sort of thing goes down well on Facebook)".

The TV veteran signed off: "So it's a big thank-you to Mark Zuckerberg and two fingers up to bureaucracy... and by no means the other way around.

"Lots of love, THE John Cleese."

Drawing further attention to his massive news, he directed his Twitter fans - or "twits" - to the Facebook post.

Earlier in the week, he launched his YouTube channel, reminding fans, "I'm still alive", in a hilarious welcome video.

Wearing a mask of his own face, he urged fans to "waste your time on fresh new Cleese content - well, relatively fresh anyway", as he launched the new venture.