Celebrity Big Brother: Two unexpected contestants locked lips to shock the entire house


Sparks were flying in the Celebrity Big Brother house as two surprising contestants locked lips - but it was all in the name of a luxury shopping budget.

As part of the week's shopping task the housemates had been split into two groups, The Humans and The Artificials, to see which team could control their emotions better.

For the final round the teams were each given a list of feelings they needed to evoke from their opponents, who were challenged to show no reaction in any way.

Big Brother
(Channel 5)

Love, fear, anger and shock were on the list of emotions the housemates were required to act out - and if it was shock Big Brother was after, it was shock he was going to get.

Stepping up to coax a reaction out of their rivals were Chloe Khan, Grant Bovey and Frankie Grande, who began their charade with a seductive strip from the former X Factor contestant.

With Chloe's efforts proving unsuccessful, Grant suddenly pulled Frankie into a tight embrace before kissing him passionately in front of the awe-struck Humans.

While most of the Humans attempted to stifle their gasps and clamp their jaws shut, Heavy D couldn't suppress his shock, securing a final victory and a luxury shopping budget for the Artificials.

Grant and Frankie weren't the only ones to lock lips in Thursday evening's episode, Chloe and Stephen Bear shared a few kisses after a steamy drinking game - but we can't say we were too surprised at that.