You need to see the terrifying short film the Stranger Things creators made in college

If you were first introduced to the Duffer brothers, Ross and Matt, through Stranger Things, you'll be pleased to know there's more of their work out there to be found while we wait patiently for season two of the sci-fi horror.

Back in college the twin writers/directors put together a short film, Eater, based on Peter Crowther's short story and unearthed by iO9.

The plot for the film is similar to Stranger Things, although the short has more of a 90s feel to it than the 80s nostalgia Things is coated in. There's generational conflict, police officers are involved and, obviously, there are a lot of supernatural goings on.

It's a lot less refined than Stranger Things, but given that it was made roughly a decade before and was Matt and Ross's second credit together, that's not too surprising.

The brothers recently suggested that because of Netflix's decision to give creative freedom to film-makers without an "established track record", we'll be seeing a lot more original stories from new voices.

If they're all as talented as the Duffers, let's hope the brothers are correct.

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