'You light up the sky': An 8-year-old has written the most adorable love letter to Beyonce


True love is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

And an eight-year-old boy has proved that deep feelings - and a knack for poetic prose - can come at an early age, after he wrote an adorable letter to Beyonce.

The youngster's super-sweet love note to the A-list singer, 34, was revealed by Matt Walks on Reddit this week.

He posted a photo of the handwritten ode to Bey, and explained: "One of my girlfriend's 8-year-old summer students wrote a letter to a 'person you admire'."

The child's message read: "Dear Beyonce, my favourite singer. You are the best.

"You are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers, but you're the only one who shoots out sparkle and lights up the sky."

A kid wrote an adorable letter to Beyonce
A boy wrote an adorable letter to Beyonce, describing her as a 'rare rose' (Matt Sayles / AP/PA Images)

Cute, right?

The young scribe finished: "My favourite song is Sorry - that song be poppin', I be turnt up."

Oh, to be loved as such.