Chloe Goodman left feeling 'vulnerable and unsafe' after Jeremy Jackson groping incident in Celebrity Big Brother house


Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chloe Goodman relived the traumatic groping incident that saw Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson removed from the house last year.

A drunk Jeremy was ejected for undoing Chloe's dressing gown when she went to help him in the bathroom after he left to be sick. He later accepted a caution for common assault.

Chloe Goodman entered CBB last January (Ian West/PA)
Chloe Goodman entered CBB last January (Ian West/PA)

Speaking on This Morning, the Ex on the Beach star said that the incident had clouded her experience of the show and left her feeling unsafe in the house.

She said: "It's a really big shame because it's the only thing I'm remembered for. It cut my time short, I think, because the only thing people come up and talk about is the Jeremy thing, which is a shame."

Explaining why it rattled her so much, she said: "I was really comfortable, you're on a show where you've got security, producers, you think nothing can touch me in here, I'm completely fine. So to feel so secure and safe, to go to -

"I think my kindness was seen as weakness with Jeremy because he had a lot of anxiety attacks in the house and I was there to help him throughout it.

"And as soon as he had me on his own in the bathroom, I felt like he was waiting for Michelle (Visage) and Cami (-Li) to leave to do what he did.

"I felt really vulnerable quite quickly and after that I didn't feel the same in the house."

Ex-Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was removed from the house (Ian West/PA)
Ex-Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was removed from the house (Ian West/PA)

Chloe appeared alongside former housemate and Strictly pro James Jordan to discuss the current bullying row, after Marnie Simpson exposed her breasts to Saira Khan following an argument.

She agreed with host Ruth Langsford who said it was wrong for people to say Saira should take it as a joke.

Speaking of her own incident, she said, "I got a lot of people saying I was overreacting, like it's OK."

Chloe said she found friend Marnie's actions "really difficult to watch".

Marnie flashed her breasts at Saira (Channel 5)
Marnie flashed her breasts at Saira (Channel 5)

She said: "She was goaded to do that. I don't know how long they were playing truth or dare for, we only see a snippet of a 24 hour show.

"What she did was wrong, but she immediately knew that. As soon as James (Whale) said something, she regretted it straight away.

"The Marnie I know, she's from Geordie Shore...

"Geordie Shore going into Celebrity Big Brother with people from different backgrounds... It's a mixture for disaster."