Celebrity Big Brother viewers were not impressed that Heavy D made Chloe Khan clean his dirty underpants


Heavy D took full advantage of Celebrity Big Brother's shopping task, which saw the housemates divided into two teams: The Humans and The Artificials.

The Storage Hunters star was lucky to be made a "Human", meaning that he was able to boss around "Artificial" Chloe Khan - and that involved making her wash his underwear. Gross.

Heavy D
Heavy D was pranked (Channel 5)

Viewers had a lot of sympathy for X Factor reject Chloe, who was dismayed to say the least.

Playboy model Chloe Khan is in the CBB house
Playboy model Chloe Khan is seen entering the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA)

Some suggested he may have been feeling bitter after Chloe made clear she was not interested.


But when Chloe took out her rage on Heavy D, she certainly caused a row.

She mischievously pranked him by putting chilli powder and all sorts of things in his bed... and when Heavy D found out, he blamed Stephen Bear, causing an almighty argument. Oops.

Pranked bed in Celebrity Big Brother
The bed (Channel 5)

Some thought she was justified in getting her own back on Heavy D...

While others were less impressed.