All of Frank Ocean's music, including unreleased songs, has been gathered in one place


With Frank Ocean's album expected on Friday things are getting pretty tense. Has Frank let the expectation build too much? Will the album actually arrive? It's a lot to handle.

Thankfully all of Frank's music - including guest verses and songs written for other artists - has been collected in one place to soothe your soul in these difficult times.

The collection includes songs written for Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, John Legend and James Blake, as well as 24 unreleased tracks and the unofficial mixtape of Frank's material pre-Nostalgia.

You'll also find all of Frank's music videos, interviews and live performances - collated in an attempt to "shed light" on the ever elusive 28-year-old.

It comes amid a New York Times source claiming Boys Don't Cry will drop on Friday, exclusively on Apple Music for the first two weeks before becoming available on all platforms.

If that's the case and the album does drop on Friday, and you happen to be a Spotify or Tidal user, the Wakelet collection will become even more necessary. Peep it all here, if you missed the link above.