Giant Pikachu statue mysteriously appears in New Orleans park

People are flocking to check out a Pokemon statue - a Pokemonument, if you will - which has been anonymously erected overnight in New Orleans.

The mysterious fibreglass Pikachu - which actually has #Pokemonument emblazoned on the back of the base - was spotted next to an empty fountain along Terpsichore Street on Sunday morning.

Salamanagement posted an image of the monument on reddit and said: "Pikachu statue illegally erected over night in New Orleans, La."

The thing is, literally nobody knows who is responsible for building it, or putting it in the park for that matter. But since the reddit post, the statue has been luring in people from around the city who are visiting to see if for their own eyes.

#pokemonument - Beryl Bourgeois Molnar | Facebook

And, because the fountain is currently defunct, the statue of the defiant electric mouse is okay to stay - well, that's according to the vice president of the neighbourhood association anyway, Karen Reese. But there's been no word from officials about its fate yet.

Twitter seems to be pretty impressed by the Pokemonument anyway.

Now we're just wondering where else the work of this rogue sculptor may turn up...

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