Channing Tatum set to star in a re-make of '80s film, Splash?


Channing Tatum to Play a Merman in Gender Bending Remake

Hollywood actor Channing Tatum will star in a remake of the 80s mermaid film Splash, according to reports.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Channing, 36, will play the female mermaid character from the 1984 film that was originally played by actress Daryl Hannah.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum (Richard Shotwell/Invision)

Reports say the film's original director, Ron Howard, will be a producer on the re-make alongside Magic Mike star Channing.

Actress Jillian Bell is reported to have also signed on to play the character originally played by Tom Hanks.

Jillian, 32, is known for her TV work on American sitcom, Workaholics, and starred in films such as Goosebumps and The Night Before.

Actress Daryl Hannah  ((AP Photo/Luca Bruno)
Actress Daryl Hannah ((AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

The original movie tells the story of a young boy, Allen, who falls in love with a real-life mermaid during a family boat trip.

Years later, the pair are reunited briefly and she then heads to New York to seek him out.

Jillian and Channing previously starred together in 22 Jump Street.